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It's easy to think of your website as some kind of Advertisement. Just like some big billboard. Only more technical.

SiteDart Hosting thinks your website should be more. Whether your business sells only online, in a physical store or both, your website is an important and necessary part in today's business world. That's why every SiteDart Hosting plan includes a Control Panel. The Control Panel is a user-friendly and intuitive control panel that gives your business the online tools you need to help your rural, small business become more successful. The Control Panel's easy-to-use interface makes managing your small business online about as non-technical as it can be. The Control Panel gives you the ability to control your websites, domains, email services and manage your employee's control panel access.  The Control Panel Control Panel tutorials are available in the right sidebar. Step-by-step tutorials and video tutorials are there for the most common How-to questions.

The Control Panel Control Panel is FREE with any standard web hosting plan.

 The Control Panel makes creating your website a breeze with the Web Presence Builder.

The Web Presence Builder is a click and drag style site builder that makes building websites easy and fun. Learn more.

Simply Add, install and configure Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal the easy way with the Control Panel's Featured Application Vault.

Add, install and configure Magento or Ecwid the easy way with the Control Panel's Featured Application Vault.

the Control Panel's email services are awesome. Create email addresses, email aliases and mailing lists. Create email accounts for your business (sales@yourwebsite.com) or for your employees.

An email address at your domain (theboss@mydomain.com) is better than one at gmail or AOL (justanotherboss2312@gmail.com).

the Control Panel gives you easy options for email forwarding, or creating those auto-replies for when you are on vacation.

User roles are a great way to give website access to employees and developers access to the things they need to do their job without giving them full access to all of your website. Use the pre-created roles or create new ones to assign web site access security.

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