What are the best image sizes for my Website?

What are the best image sizes for my Website?Why Should I Worry About Image Sizes On My Website?

  1. The time it takes to load your web page is a factor for where it ranks in Google, so do not slow down your site with too many large graphics.
  2. People's screen resolutions (the amount of stuff they can display on their screen at once) can be too small to allow very large images without stretching the page.
You can download image resizers that will drastically cut the file size of pictures. Just Google the phrase "Image Resizer" and pick the one that is best suits your needs.

How can I use images on my website without slowing everything down?

As more and more people get bigger monitors and faster Internet connections, it's not as crucial as it used to be to keep your images small and infrequent, but it's still a good idea not to use more images than you need. You can look for image optimizer programs to reduce their file size, and look into CDN services like CloudFlare to help serve images quickly, but always keep in mind that one solution is to cut down on the number or size of images you are using.


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