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Quick, easy, and affordable website builder software for your small business.



Our easy to use Web Presence Builder (WPB) makes it easy for small business owners to get their website designed. And its even easier for them to update on their own afterward.

And WPB comes FREE with each SiteDart Hosting plan. You too can build your own great looking website in just a couple of easy steps

  • Launch Web Presence Builder
  • Choose a topic
  • Customize your layout, colors, and content
  • Publish your website

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Take a tour of SiteDart Hosting's Web Presence Builder. Check out the powerful built in features and watch a video about building your website using WPB.

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Who's Using WPB

Our Web Presence Builder is easy to use. But please don't just take our word for it. Check out who's using WPB to build and maintain their small business or organization website.

Who's Using WPB


8 ways Web Presence Builder takes your website to greatness!

Search Engine Optimization

Create your pages and make SEO friendly page titles and URLs.

Create A Gallery

Putting a photo gallery on your page is just a drag and drop away.

Tell People What You Think

Easily put a blog on your website that even allows community commenting.

Update Your Content Quick

To update a page... 1) go to page 2) enter and save changes 3) publish... That's it.

Show Them Where To Go

You can paste in the embed code from Google Maps to place a map with directions website.

Hide A Web Page

You hide a page while you work on it so others cannot see it til your ready.

Publish Videos

To have video on your site simple use video module and past in the Youtube embed code.

Unlimited Pages

We don't limit the amount of pages you can create with YOUR Web Presence Builder.



With our Web Presence Builder you don't have to buy expensive software, nor do you have to know a web developer to create your own website and manage that website yourself.

Watch this video to see some of the great features Web Presence Builder offers to help you build your website.




Who's Using Web Presence Builder

Our Web Presence Builder is easy to use, but don't take our word for it. Check out some businesses using Web Presence Builder below.

From small business owners to church secretaries you’ll find a lot of successful people using our quick and easy Web Presence Builder. We want to share a few with you below and tell you how they are using it to strengthen their online presence.

It gets even easier with our online resources to help you learn to use Web Presence Builder!

hallman's bear creek bbq sauces & seasonings

Hallman's Bear Creek is a Web Presence Builder website where they have built an online store using is a partner and their software feeds into Web Presence Builder and can be added to a Facebook Page as a new tab.

Hallman's products are in their account on Ecwid's site, but the products and shopping cart seem as if they are part of the Web Presence Builder.

Mark Eskews Reflection of Elvis

Mark Eskew's Reflections of Elvis is a Web Presence Builder website that uses photo galleries, embeds videos to promote a singer.

Both the Web Presence Builder photo galleries and video embedding is as easy as dragging and dropping a module onto your page.

First Presbyterian Church Franklin NC

FPC Franklin website gets regular updates by designated members of their church. This easy ability to update their own website allows for important imformation to be passed to other church members.

Great use of the video and photo gallery modules as well as having a website that is kept up to date is a great reflection of the church dedication to their membership and visitors.

Little Tennessee River Greenway Franklin NC

The Little Tennessee River Greenway website is a Web Presence Builder that is managed by volunteers in their Friends Of The Greenway Head Quarters

It uses many pages to inform the community and visitors about what the greenway is, as well as to get announments out to volunteers about coming events. They effectively use photo gallery module to promote the scenery and share history associated with the Greenway that winds through Franklin, NC.

As SiteDart Hosting does not limit the amount of pages a business or organization can use, the Friends Of The Greenway website has a lot of content on their website to keep visitors on their website.

Rosebud Cottage in Franklin NC

The Rosebud Cottage website is a gift and accessories and home decor small business in Franklin, NC. On their website they use the script module to feed their Facebook information onto their homepage to help drive traffic over to their social media community.

They also embed their newsletter sign up form on their website and link to their blog website.

You can also see their menu to their soda, sweets, and sandwich shop on their menu page.

Franklin NC Holly Springs Baptist Church

Holly Springs Baptist Church takes full advantage of the powerful SEO friendly options built into the Web Presence Builder. With search engine friendly page titles, page URLs, attention to Alt Tags on the images they use around the website and content created that content that is regularly updated, this website gets very good placement in search engines for the key phrases they have optimized for.

This website uses a lot of videos embedded on their website, and online sermons pages to keep their website on target with their message.

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