Should I use animation on my Website?

Should I use animation on my Website?Opinion 1

There is an opinion of the designers and some customers say "I will make my website flashy and attractive to the visitors." Those will obviously be adepts of animation, starting with the flash intro, movies on every page, lots of photos, pictures, and a colorful design. Yes, it might sound like an exaggeration, but it is not. There are lots of sites that feature many of the things stated above and their owners are quite proud of them.

Opinion 2

There is another opinion regarding animation, in general, SEO specialists are against animation. Animation has almost no effect on search engines, which, after all, only know to handle content. Google and Microsoft developers are constantly tweaking their algorithms to make the crawlers more "human", but it will probably take some time until a search engine bot can actually read the message that appears on the flash banner. For now, the advice of SEO experts is to use "alternate" tags to "notify" the search engines of the content of a photo or a movie. By the way, search engines penalize slow loading sites.

Correct Answer

The correct answer, as usual, lies in perfecting the mixture of the two worlds. Avoid overloading your pages with animation and definitely refrain from "flash" websites that appear as a single webpage to search engines. Do not hesitate to include several photos and maybe a video or two on your website.


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