Joomla or Drupal?

Joomla or Drupal? Compare content management systemsThere is no clear cut answer to this question because; it will depend on the business model and what is needed from the content management system. See what each is capable of below and decide which will be better suited for your needs.


  • High performance and High maintenance
  • Robust functionality, requires much more technical capability
  • Operating several websites simultaneously is possible
  • Suited for community or user based sites, where customer interaction is sought
  • Allows for user groups, blogs, forums, and comments with permission settings being totally customizable
  • More elaborate platform and more control over the platform by management
  • More search engine friendly


  • Easy to use
  • Suited for businesses that are primarily interested in displaying their goods and services with a shopping cart and contact forms, but little customer interaction
  • Provides good visual results and is well suited for simpler website purposes
  • Manage one site at a time
  • Easier to implement
  • Easier to add content and edit and there are more template options and multilingual options


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